Where did the Summer Go?

Deacon's working on saying 'cheese' while looking at the camera : )

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Few hours working at Habitat for Humanity
Church selfie at our first worship service at Sonshine Gymnastics
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This truck does not exist. But maybe someday…

Busy. When asking another how they are doing, 'busy' is increasingly replacing 'good,' 'fine,' or 'not bad.' Being busy is not a bad thing in and of itself. Being busy is important as long as priorities are in order.

Busyness is one excuse I'm using for taking a hiatus from writing blogs. The summer has come and is slowly making its way out of North Carolina. Since I have last written, my family traveled to Canada for a relaxing getaway with extended family. We have spent more family time at the beach. Our son has experienced summer vacation for the first time in between kindergarten and first grade. We have managed to squeeze in a few trips to our local pool and worked around the house. Ava is growing up and is nearing her first ever crawl. An abundance of energy continues to spill over Mark and Deacon. Heather's faithful work as a mother of three keeps her hopping throughout the day.

The summer has also been filled with church planting activities. We completed a sermon series through the Apostle's Creed and we are starting a series called 'Love Your Stranger.' We volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity build. We helped two families move and we have joked about starting a church business called 'ResHAULife Movers'. Weekly music practices and worship services keep coming and going. We have completed our 'Articles of Incorporation' and will submit them soon to the state of North Carolina. For the fall, we have mapped out a discipleship plan along with different outreach strategies. Reaching out remains a priority as we continue to connect with new people. As we reach out to new faces, earlier this summer we said farewell to two active families who moved away for vocational purposes. Sad as it was to see them go, we are thankful for the important part they played in our church plant up to this point.

A big transition for us was moving outside of homes and into Sonshine Gymnastics' facility in Holly Springs. This transition took brainstorming and planning, and for the past three weeks we have called Sonshine Gymnastics home on Sunday mornings. As we prepare for the fall and for the growth we are praying for, a number of logistical issues continue to pop up. It's been an adventurous and exciting summer.

It's also been busy. So for those who are praying for us, please continue to do so. For those following our story, please keep checking us out. My intention is to write blogs regularly again now that the fall has started to keep you in the loop. As we seek to grow throughout the fall, please pray that we will grow well sticking true to our vision to be a family of God drawn to Jesus, challenged by his message, and released as missionaries.