Back to School

Here we are promoting ResLife with our brand new t-shirts!

Promoting our church is a family event! We could learn a lot from the way our children reach out with such confidence and love!

Church planting is a nimble ministry. We are on the move, and this next more will be a significant one for us. We are moving out of Sonshine gymnastics for several practical reasons.  We are in contractual discussions with a school in the heart of our target area. The location is perfect. The faculty has been excellent.  The principle is a Christian and she has welcomed us with open arms. We learned some valuable lessons worshipping at Sonshine Gymnastics, and we are eager now to get into our own space Sunday mornings!

We are planning to start worship in this new location January 10, 2016. Each week is gearing up to that event.  Here's how:

- We served the Holly Springs Food Cupboard on Saturday, October 24th.   
- We participated in Hollyfest, a daylong festival.    
- We are currently following up with folks from these outreach events.

In the meantime, other ministries in the areas of discipleship and outreach continue to take place:
-  We are planning for two different Christmas parades in Apex and in Holly Springs. We have a truck, a trailer, decorations, and a band! 
- Our women's ministry is having their second meeting this week and our second 4to4 discipleship group is well under way.  
- We are starting an every other week youth ministry starting in the New Year. God has blessed us with teens, and we want to build on that ministry as we seek to reach out.  
- Our goal is to have a promotional video completed by December 15. Can't wait to post that!

As we build our church with people, we are discovering that it takes an incredible amount of persistence. As we reach out the way we do, we are coming across many people who say they will come to worship with us. Because many of them do not join us for worship, we are trying to figure out how to create easier entry ways into our community. Connecting with folks through a youth ministry and starting up men's and women's ministries are ways in which we are trying to do that.

As we seek to grow, the Lord has given us patience and love. Because there exists such a strong sense of community and vision within our church already, that keeps us motivated and driven.

For those of you who read this blog and pray for us, please keep praying! The Lord is answering prayer!