Holy: Apart on Purpose: God’s Self-Imposed Shelter in Place

Numbers 1:48-51

This week’s theme is called “God’s Self-Imposed Shelter in Place”. We will be spending time reflecting on God’s holiness and how God made it possible to dwell with His people in an elaborately ordinate tent called the Tabernacle. God’s holiness, fully embodied within Christ, dwelt with us and so made the use of this tent obsolete. Nonetheless, there are Old Testament lessons we can learn that still do apply for us today. God’s Holiness is still very much a reality, and our role as God’s ‘royal priesthood’ is also very much a reality. God’s holiness and our responsibility to that holiness influences everything in some way, shape and form.

Holy: Apart on Purpose: Shelter in Place for Passover

Exodus 12:21-32

This week we begin a short series which will serve as our journey towards Pentecost. As we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the church in a few weeks, we will be focusing on stories from both the Old and New Testament which focuses on the word ‘Holy’. ‘Holy’ means set apart, and during this season of being drastically set apart from one another, it’s a fitting way to focus on how to understand what it means that the HOLY Spirit came and sets us apart every day as God’s people. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will use this theme to encourage us all during this time of isolation.

Easter: A Victory Mindset

Romans 8:31-39

This service's them is "A Victory Mindset." We will bookend the weekend by focusing on the victory we have in Jesus, that we are more than conquerers regardless of the plethora of trials that come our way. Let’s come and worship, and remember, invite friends and family.

Good Friday: A Suffering Mindset

Mark 14:35-36; Matthew 27:11–14; Mark 15:33-34

This is a service with sobering songs of lament and praise centering around the theme: “A Suffering Mindset”. We will explore the mindset Jesus brought to the suffering table and how his passion gives shape to our current crisis.

Palm Sunday: Scenes of Discipleship

Luke 19:28-46

The Church has an opportunity to speak into this darkness, and as part of Christ’s Body, we will continue to confess Christ is the King! That’s what Palm Sunday is all about: publicly displaying our loyalty to Jesus as the the King of kings and Lord of lords.