Countercultural: King's Dominion

Daniel 7

King's Dominion

This Sunday marks a sudden shift in our series on Daniel. Thus far, we have been focusing on dramatic stories filled with fiery furnaces, writing on a wall, and lions. We have dealt with the ‘popular’ part of Daniel. This week we dive into the less popular and significantly more complicated section of this amazing book. Although it may not be as popular, it still is quite dramatic.

Countercultural: Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel 6

Daniel in the Lion's Den

This Sunday we continue our series through Daniel called Countercultural. Daniel 5 records the fall of Babylon, and Daniel 6 records a story about Daniel now a resident of Persia. It is one of the most famous Bible stories in history: Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

Countercultural: The Message of the King

Daniel 5

The Message of the King