Faith and Freedom: Freedom!

Galatians 5:1-15

This Sunday we continue our series through Galatians by emphasizing what it means what ‘Freedom in Christ’ really means. Paul is entering another argument that naturally stems off other previous ones. If the Galatians are free from the Law, does that mean that they get to do whatever they want to do?  In one sense, the answer is ‘yes’, but that’s because we have the freedom to do (and desire) what the Spirit compels us to do (and desire).

Podcast: Freedom!


Faith and Freedom: Loving Concern

Galatians 4:8-20

This Sunday we continue our progression through Galatians by focusing on a passage that appears to be more of an eruption of emotion for Paul. These verses are filled with passion as Paul fights for his people against others seeking to woo the Galatians away from the true Gospel. After chapters of rational thought and carefully delineated arguments, Paul erupts in a type of holy rage. But what permeates throughout is a parental love for these newborn Christians. I look forward to preaching this sermon as we embark on the urgent business of making disciples.

Loving Concern Podcast