Faith and Freedom: Parting Shots

Galatians 6:11-18

This Sunday message wraps up a sermon series called Faith and Freedom. Faith and Freedom captures two important themes in Galatians. We are saved by faith alone (and not by performing any of the obsolete works of the Old Testament Laws). Second, because of that faith in Jesus, we can experience total freedom in Christ (again, without having to perform to gain His affection and attention). In this final passage in Galatians, Paul summarizes some of these themes by reminding the Galatians to stop listening to the wrong voices leading them astray back to obeying obsolete rules and to point them forward to the Cross. When we look to the cross and boast in it, we are saying, “Jesus saves me. I can’t save myself. Jesus saves me because he loves me. Jesus saves me and I am to now live for him.”

Faith and Freedom: Living Spiritually

Galatians 6:1-10

This is our first live streaming service due to the coronavirus. In this message, we continue our series on Faith and Freedom by focusing on what it means to live spiritually. We are getting near the end of this book, and Paul has transitioned his focus away from his main theological argument (you are justified by faith, not by the works of the Laws of Moses) to the application. Christ has set us free to cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit!