Holy Apart on Purpose: Spirit's Power and Mission

Acts 1:6-11

This Sunday we welcome to Standing Oaks Farm’s front porch Pastor Dante Covington. He has graciously accepted the invitation to preach a Pentecost sermon to cap off our current sermon series. I look forward to witnessing, once again, God’s work through His faithful servant.

Holy: Apart on Purpose: Our Holy King

Hebrews 1:1-4

Holy: Apart on Purpose: Jesus' Shelter in Place

Luke 5:12-16

This Sunday we continue to march towards Pentecost by focusing on Jesus’ prayer life. In a surprising number of verses, the Gospel writers record Jesus' pattern of escaping by himself to pray. That raises a curious question: Why would God incarnate have the desire to pray? Well, we will be attempting to answer that question, and the answers are sure to challenge us in our own prayer lives.

Holy: Apart on Purpose: Holiness and Healing

Leviticus 13:38- 46; Luke 5:12-16

This services focuses on the theme of Holiness and Healing. We will dive into why people needed to be quarantined back in the Old Testament and the process of which the sick were permitted back into Israel’s society again. There’s much we can learn about God, His holiness, and also how Jesus provides for us the immediate healing we all need!

Holy: Apart on Purpose: God as our Shelter-in-Place

Psalm 46

This week we continue our sermon series called Holy: Apart on Purpose by focusing on the fact that God is our refuge and fortress. Even as we experience life apart, we worship a God who is our protector in help in times of calamity, chaos, and confusion. Take a look at Psalm 46 before worship on Sunday. It’s a marvelous comfort.