Faith and Freedom: Justified by Faith

Galatians 2:11-21

This message continues the narrative Paul shares with the Galatian churches about the precious message of the Gospel. Paul uses words to help us understand how we are made right with God by writing that we are justified by faith. We are saved by grace but justified by faith. Last Sunday we focused on grace, this week we focus on faith. How does faith justify us? What does ‘justify’ even mean? Why is it important for our everyday life if 'justification of faith' happens only once to the Christian?

These are important questions. They are not just questions to be answered by theologians in the realms of academia. These are questions that shape our daily life. Our faith matters. It matters for so much more than trusting particular lines of information. It matters because that information transforms our daily behavior.

Podcast: Justified by Faith


Bounded and Centered

Faith and Freedom: A Gospel of Freedom

Galatians 2:1-10

The Letter to the Galatians remains a vital book for us in 2019. The Gospel is this precious message that can be so quickly distorted. We live in the age of 'Fake News', but there were some in the first century who also preached a type of fake news about the Gospel. Paul was resolute: the Gospel leads to freedom, not slavery. So this message focuses on how the Gospel provides freedom for us: total, resolute, full-throttled freedom! Don't be tied down to a fake news Gospel, but rather be set free by all that Christ did for you!

A Gospel of Freedom Podcast

Picture of Galatians Series

Faith and Freedom: A Message from God

Galatians 1:10-24

A Message from God Podcast

This sermon develops an argument Paul makes throughout this Bible passage. Paul is eager to convince the Galatian churches that the message he received was not invented by people or even given to him by church traditions, but was given to him straight from the top: Jesus Christ! His argument includes a brief testimony about Paul's pre and post-conversion experience. It's a fascinating passage, and also helps give shape to how we understand and even share our stories of faith.

Picture of Galatians Series