The Holy Spirit equips ResLife to captivate the faithless and fainthearted,
So they feel compelled to belong with Jesus,
And commissioned to represent Jesus.


When we live out our mission, we pray that the Lord will guide us to the following place:

Evangelism and Outreach

  • We envision every member being equipped to evangelize. We foresee religious skeptics transform into Christian leaders. We envision families finding their purpose at ResLife Church. We see regular Gospel conversations with our neighbors through a network of equipped evangelists or through one-on-one relationships. We rejoice when we experience at least 5 adult baptisms every year.
  • We envision a community that serves like the King, who came to serve. We support and volunteer with agencies who reach the ‘Quartet of the Vulnerable’ described to us in Zechariah 7:9-10a: "This is what the Lord Almighty said: Administer true justice, show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner, or the poor."
  • We envision men and women’s ministries inviting friends and family to participate in outreach initiatives which impact our community.

Fellowship and Worship

  • We envision reformed, relevant, and Gospel-centered worship which point towards God’s Glory, where worshippers experience joy, conviction, and application, and where musicians' gifts come to life by the display of their talent.
  • We envision visitors stepping into our doors, feeling welcomed immediately, and being invited to a Life Group.
  • We envision relationships growing in enriching conversation whenever and wherever we gather.

Discipleship and Leadership Development

  • We envision equipped teachers to teach our young members to draw their friends, family, and neighbors to Jesus.
  • We envision children and youth programs that are theologically rich, yet programmatically simple. We do not want to sell consumer Christianity to our children, but we do desire for our children to wake their parents up on Sundays to make sure they attend worship. This takes creativity, training, biblical instruction, and spiritual inspiration within a safe, healthy, and vibrant environment.
  • We envision daring and deep discipleship within the hospitable context of our homes. Our homes are the engine for growth and small groups remain among the most effective entry points for new believers as well as mature disciples to grow.
  • In order to envision this future, we imagine a 25-acre property that will serve as Resurrection Life’s Kingdom embassy. That will give us the ability to live out our calling to serve our community through recreation, partner with other Kingdom ventures through shared office space, and to lead programming with other churches. A facility will allow us to fulfill our vision starting with southern Wake County and rippling throughout the World.


Called to Captivate

  • We value that the faith-less and faint-hearted need Jesus.
  • We value it takes training and thoughtfulness to effectively captivate the unchurched with the Gospel.
  • We value that all people are made in God’s image and should be the first thing we see in people.
  • We value that the church needs to be innovative, creative, and thoughtful in how we relate to our neighbors.

Belong with Jesus

  • We value that the Church is God’s Plan A of redeeming this world.
  • We value that the spoken Word—the Gospel—must remain central to our worship and in our mission so people can clearly understand to whom they belong.
  • We value that because our children equally belong to us, we need them active in ministry.

Commissioned to Represent Jesus

  • We value Christians as ambassadors of Jesus the King, called to represent him in all spheres of life.
  • We value small groups and their ability to create opportunities for discipleship, entry points for inquirers of the faith, and opportunities to spot leaders.
  • We value that Jesus’ death and resurrection is the motivation to serve the Quartet of the Vulnerable: widow, orphan, immigrant, and the poor.  
  • We value that God's truth needs to be spoken in love and gentleness.
  • We value that Christian leaders are called to equip potential leaders.
  • We value that the Kingdom of Jesus supersedes the needs of our congregation.

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  1. We started meeting at homes from 2014-2015. Our group slowly but surely outgrew the living room.
  2. Near the end of 2015 we started worshipping at Penny Road Elementary, which was our home for a few years.
  3. The pandemic forced us out of Penny Road Elementary and after several months of worshipping in small groups, we decided to worship on Sunday afternoons at Grace Church of Cary.
  4. We are looking for a new location to worship for Sunday mornings starting this fall.
  5. We would be excited if our future included you!


Mark Knetsch

Lead Pastor

Pastor Mark and his wife Heather founded Resurrection Life in their living room back in 2014. They have 4 amazing kids that keeps them quite busy. They love to host and get to know new people, and have a passion for sports, music, family, and friendship. They desire to serve others, see people grow in Christ, and see people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Ben McInnis

Worship Coordinator


Becca McInnis



Jessie Powell-Smith

Children's Ministry Director